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Amy of Britain felt world’s first 3D printed bionic arm, bid – I’m ready to make my art public

 ब्रिटेन की एमी को लगा दुनिया का पहला थ्री-डी प्रिंटेड बायोनिक हाथ, बोली- मैं इससे अपनी आर्ट लोगों तक पहुंचाने के लिए तैयार हूं
This is Amy Ashton, a 14-year-old art student from Britain. He had no left hand since birth. She has now become the first teenager in the world to have a medical certified three-D printed bionic hand. Now she not only creates her favorite design with these hands, but can also do as much work as she wants. Last year, the process of handing it over to him was started in the Christmas holidays. It took three months to build it. Amy had never imagined that the battery-operated hand would work the way she wanted it to.

Hand worth nine and a half million

The cost of this hand made by the open bionics company of Bristol is 10 thousand pounds i.e. about nine and a half lakh rupees. Amy can now rotate her new hand with every angle, easily lift a glass of water and even make scatches at will. He said- ‘Now I am all set to take my art to the public with this hand.’ Amy’s teacher is also surprised to see her new hand made sketches.

Artificial hand made in childhood

Amy told- “When I was 18 months, my mother did not have any support to walk me, so she got artificial hands. But I could not do too much work with him. I used to think that this hand is just for showing, not at all useful. I could neither lift a cup of tea nor a glass of water. When I was five years old, I was given a new hand. I was very happy to think that now with this hand I will be able to do all the work that I had thought. But my desire was also incomplete. But I did not give up. Last year, while I was searching on the computer, I came to know about the three-D printed bionic arm. I myself contacted Open Bionics. Seeing my enthusiasm, the company promised me to get this hand at my expense. And also gave it after planting. On Wednesday, when I felt this hand, I felt that my dream was fulfilled. ‘

Amy’s bionic arm is capable of lifting up to 8 kg

The battery-powered bionic arm operates at a muscle gesture and is capable of lifting up to 8 kg. It is made according to human needs. This hand can rotate 180 degrees from the wrist.

 Amy of Britain become world's first person to have 3D printed bionic arm, says- I'm ready to make my art public
Amy of Britain become world’s first person to have 3D printed bionic arm, says- I’m ready to make my art public


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