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Ten facts about Adderall


[Music]what many people don’t realize is that there is more to a duro .


  1. A dural is a medication under the class of drugs known as stimulants are substances that excite the brain taking safe dosage quantities of stimulants such as a dural can effectively heighten certain desirable attributes such as focus energy alertness and attention you wonder what this may feel like imagine being in a forest and suddenly seeing a bear instantly you become alert focusing all your attention on what your next step should be these feelings of heightened emotions are often experienced when taking a stimulant.
  2. A dural is most often prescribed for individuals with ADHD ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a medical condition that is often characterized by symptoms such as distractibility hyperactivity and inattention a dural is known to help alleviate these symptoms
  3. Adderall stimulates chemicals in the brain such as dopamine and norepinephrine individuals with ADHD often have a deficiency of dopamine and norepinephrine chemicals within their brain to combat this naturally increases the release of these molecules in the brain and prevents their breakdown this allows for the reduction of symptoms of hyperactivity inattention and impulsivity.
  4. A dural is the most commonly abused prescription stimulant amongst college students studies have shown that about 35% of students have you stimulants such as natural for academic reasons however 81%of these students also believe that natural is not dangerous while the majority of this percentage are college students research has shown that younger students recreationally use a dural as well specifically 4.9 of eighth graders8.5% of tenth graders and 10% of 12thgraders have also used Adderall without a prescription.
  5. A dural is commonly used as a study aid in college students everyday struggles of completing assignment after assignment substances like Adderall are commonly used to enhance academic productivity and attention one study examined tweets related to Adderall the tweets confirm the popular use of natural as a study aid with the highest number of related tweets during exam periods in addition the most common side effects that were tweeted about were sleep deprivation and loss of appetite although mainly used as a study aid natural has other uses a study demonstrated that around nineteen percent of college students have used prescription stimulants in combination with alcohol for recreational use
  6. Dural is the most widely prescribed stimulant drug the years the diagnosis of mental health disorders such as ADHD have increased with this comes increased use of Adderall specifically the number of prescriptions made for stimulants such as a dural has increased by three hundred and sixty-eight point five percent between the years of 1992 and 2002.
  7. The fact there are several short-term effects associated with dural use some of these effects include gastrointestinal problems blurry vision increased body temperature increased blood pressure increased heart rate reduced circulation irritability and insomnia.
  8.  The fact there are some long-term effects associated with federal use some of these effects include significant weight loss slowed weight gain cardiovascular impairment hallucinations psychotic episodes mood changes anxiety sleep difficulties heart attacks or even death.
  9.  Fact  a dural is an addictive drug that can cause serious negative effects stimulants are addictive substances because they activate your reward pathway leading to positive emotions with regular abusive Adderall drug tolerance is likely to occur meaning your body no longer reacts to this drug during this time your body may experience withdrawal symptoms including violent mood swings extreme fatigue and uncontrollable cravings to avoid this higher doses of Adderall are typically taken to sustain rewarding effects and this can lead to adverse reactions such as hallucinations depression anxiety and obsessive behavior eventually an overdose may occur because of this which may result in a decline in brain function brain bleeding circulatory system failure kidney failure muscle breakdown comas or even death finally
  10. The fact there are some alternatives for recreational use of natural some alternatives that research suggests is caffeine a good night’s sleep daily exercise and a well-balanced diet to help improve cognitive performances we hope that with the SE 10 facts you’ve learned something new about Adderall.
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