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Hi, guys, how are you today? Now, the new year is here, and this whole new year, new me the concept is something that we’ll all be talking about, if not practicing in reality. But I feel like there are some ways you can dress better in 2021. I was recently looking back at a few old photos of mine when I was in school and I felt like I wish I could go back and tell my 16, 17, 18-year-old self to dress better and how she could have dressed and taught her everything that I have now learned. So here are a few things that I feel you should know if you want to dress better in the new year. The first and the easiest way to look more classy and chicer and more dressy in this area is to upcycle. Now, you and I both know that a lot of times we open our wardrobe and see that we have nothing to wear. And this whole blockage in my head is something we can get rid of.

So the best way, the easiest, most affordable way of doing this is to upcycle your garments. So what you do is basically give your clothes a second life by being more creative and involving new ideas when it comes to the same garment. For example, if you have a trenchcoat, and this is something I personally do as well, so if you have a trenchcoat and because itis like a statement piece, you might get bored of getting the same color again and again over different outfits. To find out ways that you can wear it in a new manner. And for this you can easily go into Pinterest and search for trench coat outfit ideas or another way of doing it is there a lot of stickers, brooches, and badges available in the market and even patches that you can sew onto your jacket or your coats or your bags. And I did this in school.

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I used to always put badges on top of my school bag so it would just look chicer, funkier, and more fun. I have seen a lot of rose patches, a lot of smiley faces, and nice funky quotes written so you can use those. Not only are you upcycling your clothes, but you’re also getting a lot of new outfit pictures and nobody will be able to know if it’s the same piece. The next way to dress better in 2021 is to do thoughtful shopping. Now, I know a lot of times when we go out shopping, or while shopping online, we just see something, we keep on adding to the cart, and then eventually we end up buying things that sometimes we don’t even wear. Sometimes what happens is we buy something, but we can’t understand how to wear it more than once because we don’t know what to pair it with or it’s just like a dress and we can wear it again and again.

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We just open a wardrobe and we stand there just staring at the pieces and we know that we have nice pieces, but nothing comes to mind as to how you can put those pieces together. When I go for shopping and I like something, I make sure that for that particular garment I have at least three other things in my closet that I can pair it with. So if I’m buying a top, I make sure that I have a pair of jeans or trousers or a skirt or just something else that I can pair it with. So it’s not like I’m only using it once or that I’m stuck with one outfit that I have in mind. I can use it in a lot of ways. Not only will you have an integrated wardrobe in this way, but you will also end up saving a lot of money.
The next way you can dress well in the New Year is by taking care of your clothes, which is also called clothing care. Now, this may seem something very basic and something very simple, but it’s just super important and it can change your dressing game like anything. In 2020we’ve all stayed at home and for me,I know that I haven’t been very careful when it comes to ironing or making sure that I’m getting wrinkle-free clothes because nobody had to see it anyway. But this year we might be going out. Hopefully, we will be going on. So it’s important that you take care of your clothes and clothing care instructions are always written on the label. Whether you have to dry cleaning, machine washes it, it’s always there on the label. If it’s not on the label, it will be on the tag. So before you throw away the tag, just have a look at it from both sides and make sure that you’re noting down how you have to care for that particular



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