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Women coming forward to help in the Corona crisis, after the housework, the corona warriors are sewing themselves and distributing masks

The lockdown caused by the ongoing war against the coronavirus is causing great harm to everyone. Due to this, where big industries are closing down and people are becoming unemployed. At the same time, there are some people who, along with employment in this crisis period, are also contributing to the Corona War. Let’s know about such people who are constantly helping the Corona Warriors fighting the battle of Corona with their passion.

Bag making organization is making masks

In this moment of difficulty, an organization named ‘Jeevanam’ has taken up the task of making masks. This institution is run by Deepa Nair Venugopal. All the members of the organization are working day and night to overcome the lack of masks. The special thing is that this organization used to make bags from clothes before. But now these women have started making masks for fighting Corona by watching online video tutorials. Around thirty women make around 200-300 masks daily.
Apart from this, this organization is also considering making hand sanitizer. Efforts are on to get the necessary permission from the government for this. Hand sanitizers will be made and distributed free of cost as soon as the government gets its permission. During this time, all women are working from their homes keeping in mind the social distancing. A team also distributes some masks to people for free. At the same time, these women are also teaching people around them on how to make masks.
Women associated with livelihood mission have made sixty thousand masks

Women associated with Bhopal’s Aajeevika Mission doing sewing and embroidery to make themselves self-employed and also came forward during this period. About 169 women associated with this organization have taken command as Corona Warriors themselves. These women have started stitching masks to protect the police and administration officials from infection, to protect the city from the scarcity of masks. These women hail from 22 villages around Bhopal and deal with household chores daily and reach out to make masks. Sixty thousand masks have been made so far in ten days.
Their objective is to deliver masks of need to the army along with Hamidia Hospital, JK Hospital, Police Headquarters, Municipal Corporation, Tribal Department, Administration, Sultania Hospital, Satpura Bhawan, Gram Panchayat in the area. Not only this, but these women are also making people aware of the horrors and harms of Corona, social distancing and cleanliness, etc.


65 women preparing masks in group

65 women from Beharin, Rajamimau Raja, Faguha, Nathapurva, Terarabbu, Jalalabad, Anoogi, Pawapukhara, and Umarda blocks of Sursi, Ajora, Aguas and Jaipur, etc. of Kannauj block are making masks in the group. They have been given the job of making masks from Vikas Bhavan on 12 April. A total of 40 thousand masks have been assigned to them. In a group of six to seven, these women make masks for eight hours every day after doing housework.
At the same time, it also takes care of social distancing. A woman makes 150 masks daily, for which a woman gets four rupees on each mask. The fabric used for the mask is environmentally friendly. After three to four hours of use, it can be used again after drying with antiseptic water after washing.



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