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Police constable sealing masks for the poor in duty leave, aware of Corona doing the handing of masks

Policemen are contributing most significantly in the ongoing war against Coronavirus. Day and night, the policemen on duty in the security of the people are resorting to many fun ways to make people aware, like singing songs. At the same time, there are many people whose pictures of making masks after duty have also come out. One such picture of duty has come from Telangana, where a woman police constable was seen making masks after duty.

10 thousand mask making target:

B.B. appointed as security guard at Telangana Governor Amareshwari gets off every single day after duty. But during this time, she keeps making clothes face masks in the house. After sewing the mask at home, she is working to distribute it among the needy. Amareshwari masks using sari and blouse cloth. She also seeks her mother’s help in this work. She told that, she stitches 200-250 masks every day and till now has stitched 3 thousand masks. Their target is to make 10,000 masks.

Gives three masks to each family:

Amareshwari is happy with her contribution to this ongoing fight against Corona. She goes from house to house around her house giving three masks to each family. Not only this, she also makes people aware to take precaution. She says that there are many families, who cannot buy masks of 30-50 rupees. In such a situation, people can also reuse their masks made by washing them.

Meet B.Ameshwari a Police constable in telangana who is stitching masks for the poor after duty,also awares people about coronavirus while distributing masks



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