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Giloy Benefits What is Giloy?

 Giloy Benefits What is Giloy?

What is Giloy?

You must have heard Giloy’s name, but do you know Giloy’s identity?

Giloy Amrita, Amritavalli means a large creeper that never dries up. Its stem looks like a rope. Its soft stem and branches originate from the roots. It has bunches of yellow and green flowers. Its leaves are soft and betel-shaped and fruits are like peas.

Some properties of the tree on which it climbs also fall into it. Giloy also kills harmful bacteria and stomach worms. Inhibits the growth of bacteria that causes TB disease. It kills the germs affecting the gut and urin system as well as the entire body.
The number of properties of Giloy is quite large. It has the properties of reducing inflammation, controlling sugar, fighting arthritis and body refining. Use of Giloy is beneficial in respiratory diseases like asthma and cough. Skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis can be cured by mixing it with neem and gooseberry. It is also considered effective in treating anemia, jaundice and leprosy.

How is Giloy trained?

While taking Giloy in fever, information about Giloy’s effect is very important. Because Giloy food is not considered good in every season. Giloy’s effect in the books of Ayurveda has been described as hot. Therefore, Giloy is beneficial in cold and fever.

How to consume Giloy?

It is very important to know how to use any medicine in any disease. In fever, Giloy should be taken in the form of powder, decoction or juice. Giloy leaves and stem are dried together and made into powder. By the way, Giloy’s pill is also found in the market. No more than 1 gram of Giloy should be consumed in a day.

Loss of Giloy

Well, Giloy’s losses are negligible. But in some cases, consumption of Giloy can be harmful. Giloy can cause damage when blood sugar is low. If your digestion is not good then Giloy can cause damage. Giloy can cause damage in pregnancy.

Increase eyesight

For those whose eyesight is decreasing, giving the juice of Giloy with Amla juice increases the light of the eyes and diseases related to the eye are also removed. Giloy is a sedative, whose proper use can relieve the diseases caused by vata, bile and phlegm arising in the body.
The medicinal properties of Giloy help a lot in relieving eye diseases. For this, mix 1-1 grams of honey and rock salt in 10 ml Giloy juice and grind it very well in Kharl. Apply it in the eyes like mascara. It cures dark sores, pricks, and black and white cataract diseases.
Make a decoction by adding Triphala to Giloy juice. Mixing one gram of Pippali powder and honey in 10-20 ml decoction and taking it in the morning and evening increases the light of the eyes. While consuming Giloy, one thing has to be kept in mind that only the right amount of benefits of Giloy (giloy ke fayde) can be given to the eyes only if it is consumed in the right amount and the right way.

Digestion is good

Regular intake of Giloy juice keeps the digestive system healthy. To keep our digestive system in good condition, half gram of Giloy powder with Amla powder should be consumed regularly. Giloy increases the count of blood platelets in the body.

Increase immunity

Giloy has antioxidant properties that keep the body healthy by fighting dangerous diseases. Giloy excretes toxins from the kidneys and liver and cleanses the blood. Drinking Giloy juice regularly increases the ability to fight against diseases.

Cold cough away

If a person is constantly having problems with cold, cough and cold, then he should take Giloy juice. Taking two teaspoons of Giloy juice in the morning every day provides great relief from cough. 

Giloy Benefits What is Giloy? Increase immunity



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